About Us

The Geelong Anaesthetic Group (GAG) is Geelong’s original group practice in the medical speciality of anaesthesia.   It exists to provide anaesthesia, pain management and intensive care services to the Geelong community.

The group originated with Dr Geoffrey Darby, who was the city’s first specialist anaesthetist.   He gained his Diploma of Anaesthesia in Melbourne in 1956, and his Fellowship of the Faculty of Anaesthetists of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 1957.   In the mid-1960’s, Dr William Crosby and Dr Richard Hallowes were invited to join him.   After much discussion their association was named, and it became known in the medical community as “GAG”.   Each of the founding three doctors was at some stage Director of Anaesthesia and Director of Intensive Care at the Geelong Hospital.   Over the decades Geelong Anaesthetic Group has grown with the city and surrounding region it serves.   Initially the group had an informal structure, but in September 1989 it was incorporated and became Geelong Anaesthetic Group Pty Ltd.   First located in the grounds of the Geelong Hospital, the group moved in 1987 to nearby premises in Swanston Street, where it remained for 12 years.   From early 2000 to June 2009 the group was located in De Garis House at Geelong Private Hospital.   We are currently located at Suite 5, Level 2 of St John of God Specialist Centre, directly across the road from St John of God Hospital.

Geelong Anaesthetic Group is structured as a proprietary limited company employing a practice manager and office staff.   The individual practitioners of the group share financial costs and administrative responsibilities but determine their own fees and arrangements with individual health insurance providers.

Geelong Anaesthetic Group functions as a service group which has traditionally acted collectively to provide anaesthetic services.   The routine workload of any one member is covered by other members in a reciprocal and co-operative manner. Management decisions are taken by consensus after discussion, with the emphasis on co-operation and the promotion of common interests and shared values.