Informed financial consent

The anaesthetists at Geelong Anaesthetic Group have a legal obligation to provide all patients with timely Informed Financial Consent prior to their procedure, wherever possible.

Our Informed Financial Consent (IFC) letter provides you with an estimate of your likely out of pocket expenses (“gap”) based on information provided by your surgeon regarding the type of procedure you are having, the complexity and duration of the anaesthesia, and your private health insurance status (if applicable).   Please be aware that given the nature of the factors taken into account when quoting costs for your treatment, and that several of these factors can not be determined until after the procedure, the anaesthetist fees you are quoted are an estimate only.   

Some health funds pay increased benefits depending on your level of cover with the fund, providing that you have received a written estimate of costs prior to your procedure.

In some instances we require a full prepayment of the anaesthetic fee prior to the procedure, and a prepay invoice will be included with the IFC letter.   For patients insured with NIB a full prepayment is required.   After the procedure Invoices are promptly processed electronically and rebates (if eligible) are paid direct to the patient’s bank account by Medicare and health funds.