Hospital Anaesthesia Services

The Geelong Anaesthetic Group provides quality anaesthetic services to all hospitals within Geelong. These are St John of God Hospital including the Specialist Centre, Epworth Hospital Geelong, Geelong Private Hospital, The Geelong Hospital – Barwon Health and The Geelong Clinic.

The areas of surgical specialities covered is extensive and includes:

General Surgery
Plastic surgery
Ear, nose and throat
Vascular surgery

We also assist with resuscitation of acutely unwell patients in all of the above hospitals.


Pre-operative Assessment

All patients undergoing anaesthesia will undergo a comprehensive pre-operative assessment by your specialist anaesthetist. This is usually performed on the day of surgery.

For large or more complex surgery, if there are significant medical diseases, or if there are specific anaesthetic related concerns, the pre-operative assessment can be performed well before the day of surgery at the offices of the Geelong Anaesthetic Group. This will facilitate planning for your procedure, explanations of any questions and allow a smoother peri-operative experience.


Intravenous Access

Anaesthetists are highly skilled in intravenous access and we are often asked to assist if required. This can range from a common “drip” to a more complex or longer lasting intravenous device.


On-call Duties

All of our anaesthetists provide on-call services to assist with emergency surgery or other duties in the after hours periods. This is done by a roster system.


Obstetric Services – Anaesthesia and Analgesia

We provide on-call assistance for the delivery of babies and the provision of pain relief in labour at St John of God Hospital and at The Geelong Hospital. This includes anaesthesia for caesarean section as well as epidural and spinal pain relief for labouring mothers.


Acute Pain Management

Anaesthetists have great expertise in the provision of pain relief after surgery, illness or injury in order to make patients comfortable. We actively facilitate post operative analgesia after most procedures and can be called to provide assistance within a hospital.



Anaesthesia Education

Many of our anaesthetists are actively involved in the registrar tutorial program at The Geelong Hospital. Speaking at educational meetings, assisting with nursing education and on the job training of registrars is also routinely performed.

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