Dr James N Barson



Jim has been an anaesthetist for 35 years, in that time he has safely administered over 50,000 anaesthetics to patients with all manner of health conditions, from 12 week premature babies to a patients as old as 107, varying in size from 600 grams to 220 kilograms, across all surgical specialities for every common and many uncommon surgical operations. He has also had several years of experience in paediatric and adult intensive care.

In addition to keeping up to date with the most recent advances in the art and science of anaesthesia, his other professional interests include quality assurance and peer review programs, teaching, mentoring and programs directed to the welfare of anaesthetists.

He holds a diploma in advanced clinical hypnosis and has a special interest in the application of hypnosis to perioperative care.

When not at work he is actively involved in organic farming and gardening, breeding wiltshire sheep and dexter cattle, permaculture, welding, blacksmithing, bee keeping, fishing, hunting feral animals, history, philosophy, open water swimming races, singing, blues guitar and playing with his grandchildren.