Welcome to the Geelong Anaesthetic Group. We are a collective of specialist anaesthetists committed to providing quality anaesthetic care to the people of Geelong.

We have established this website to assist you in understanding the role of the anaesthetist for your upcoming surgery or procedure. We have included a wide range of information including who we are, our history and what to expect from your anaesthetist and hospital experience. We have also included information on how our billing works, as well as providing links to excellent patient education resources on the internet.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your anaesthetic. We hope you find this information valuable and please feel free to feedback to us any thoughts or experiences you may have had when dealing with the Geelong Anaesthetic Group.

In the event of an emergency only, the on call anaesthetist can be contacted by dialling GAG on 5222 3500. In hours, this will be answered by our reception staff. After hours, contact details will be given by the answering machine.

If you require immediate medical attention, please call 000, or present to the nearest hospital with an accident and emergency centre.