Overview of the billing process

1.  We receive information from your surgeon advising that you have been booked for surgery and the anaesthetist who will be looking after you on that day.

2. We contact you via post or email with a letter of Informed Financial Consent (IFC) advising your likely out of pocket expenses based on information provided by your surgeon regarding the type of procedure you are having, the complexity and duration of the anaesthesia, and your private health insurance status (if applicable).

3.  We ask that you complete and sign the IFC confirming your health fund and level of cover (if any), and then return it to our rooms by any of the following methods:

a)   Mailing to the office at Suite 5, Level 2, 83 Myers St, Geelong 3220, or
b)   Faxing to the office on 03 5222 4044
c)   Scan and email to: accounts@gag.com.au
c)   Hand delivering to the office at Suite 5, Level 2, 83 Myers St Geelong
d)   Handing direct to your anaesthetist on the day of your procedure

4.  After your surgery you will receive an invoice for the services provided by the anaesthetist.

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